Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Enhanced Campaigns (So Far) From: Search Engine Land

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Enhanced Campaigns (So Far) Haven’t migrated to enhanced campaign in AdWords, yet? Or maybe you just need a bit of help.  The big switch happens Monday, July 22, and we’ve got you covered. Below is a compilation of tips, tricks, questions, and answers of everything you need to know for the big change happening Monday.
Are you ready? ‪#‎PPC‬
Best Practices for Google Enhanced PPC Campaigns http://selnd.com/1bLzfoN
3 Advanced Tips for Bid Adjustments in Google Enhanced Campaigns http://selnd.com/195cmxg
Geographic Targeting in an Enhanced Campaign http://selnd.com/1aU7oVq
Enhanced Campaigns: Offer Extensions & Local Targeting Explained http://selnd.com/15PiOVZ
How To Conduct Ad Tests In Enhanced Campaigns http://selnd.com/17nW0vC
Should You Create Ad Group Sitelinks in Enhanced Campaigns? http://selnd.com/18qfK6j
Single-Keyword Ad Groups: Maximizing Mobile Performance With Enhanced Campaigns http://selnd.com/18mYmMj
Smart Geographic Segmentation & Bidding With Enhanced Campaigns http://selnd.com/15LrXg5
Goodbye Enhanced Campaigns, Hello Bing Ads http://selnd.com/13Bfbhf
Google Says No To Phone Numbers In PPC Ads, Forcing The Use Of Call Extensions http://selnd.com/12XYcXe

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